Resizable jQuery Tablesorter Scroller

A widget to extent the jQuery tablescroller plugin by Christian Bach (
Like Christian's code, I've dual-licensed this code under the MIT and GPL licenses.

Download the widget code here.
For more details check out the blog post here.
Comments and suggestions can be posted there or emailed to Tim Connell at

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To add the scroller, include 'scroller' in the tablesorter widget list.
The 'scrollHeight' option specifies the height of the window the table scrolls within. Default value = 250px.

        scrollHeight: 300,
        widgets: ['zebra','scroller']
To enable resizing, I've created a 'resizeEnd' event on the browser window. When triggered, this event calls the resizeWidth method on each tablesorter.
    $(document).ready(function() {
	    //Setup window.resizeEnd event
        $(window).bind('resize', window_resize);
        $(window).bind('resizeEnd', function (e) {
            IE calls resize when you modify content, so we have to unbind the resize event
            so we don't end up with an infinite loop. we can rebind after we're done.
            $(window).unbind('resize', window_resize);
            $('table.tablesorter').each(function(n, t) {
                if (typeof t.resizeWidth === 'function') t.resizeWidth();
            $(window).bind('resize', window_resize);

    function window_resize() {
        if (this.resize_timer) clearTimeout(this.resize_timer);
        this.resize_timer = setTimeout(function () {
            , 250

Note that the changes to the header table width will trigger the resize event in IE. To prevent this from creating an infinite loop, this code detaches the window_resize handler before adjusting the table width. It then reattaches the handler once the resize has completed.